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Steam Coils

Top quality steam coils built to your exact specifications for new equipment or replacement in commercial and industrial applications.

Steam coils are a common heat source in an air handler to provide heating for many commercial and industrial buildings. The supplied air from the fans is warmed by moving across aluminum, stainless or copper fins. The fins are warm from the exchanged heat of the steam going through the tubes. You may also see steam coils in rooftop units or ductwork.


Steam Coil ConstructionSpecification
Fin MaterialAluminum, Copper all tube sizes,
Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel – 5/8″ Only
Fin SurfaceSine Wave (corrugated)
Tubing5/8”, 1″ O.D. Copper, CuproNickel, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
Row1 (5/8″ ) or 2 (5/8″)
Casing / MountingGalvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Copper or Aluminum
ConnectionsCarbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Red Brass, Copper (Braze, MPT, FPT)



Regular Aluminum is the most common and cost effective fin material.
Copper has higher heat conductivity and mass, and is more costly than Aluminum.


Condensers and evaporators for increased capacities.


Standard in all coils

Fins Shapes


Louvered fins increase the heat-transfer capacity by creating air turbulence which reduces the boundary layer on the fin’s surface, but at a cost of increased air-pressure drop across the coil.

Sine Wave

Sine wave fins improve the heat transfer factor to a higher degree than corrugated fins. These have about the same resistance to air flow as the corrugated fins.


Corrugated fins improve the heat transfer factor to a lower degree than louvered fins. They also have a lower resistance to air flow.


Flat fins reduce ice accumulation on fins. They have the lowest resistance to air flow.

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