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We’ve worked with customers from residential, industrial, and commercial air conditioning, heating, ventilation, and refrigeration markets.


Xinju manufactures heat exchanger coils for a wide range of air conditioners, heat pumps, portable air conditioners and dehumidifier applications. Have a good reputation among our customers.

◉Air conditioners,
◉Heat Pumps,
◉Portable Air Conditioners


Our coils are designed not only for dependability, but for efficiency. Commercial systems rely on our coils to operate efficiently within these large-scale cooling systems. Xinju coils are produced to exact specifications for true form, fit, and function.

◉Rooftop HVAC Units
◉Commercial HVAC Units
◉Air Preheating
◉Air Cooling for temperature control
◉Reheating for temperature and humidity control


Our engineers have created innovative coil designs to help solve heat challenges and keep production moving forward. Whether the heat is created in manufacturing equipment, motors, generators, or power plants, we can help cool it down.

◉Oil, Gas & Chemical Plants
◉Power /Utility Plants
◉Power Generation
◉Meat Precessing
◉Paper & Pulp Mills

Trustworthy Finned Tube Heat Exchanger Products Supplier.

Our mission
Our mission is to succeed in the market place through exceptional customer service, commitment to quality, competitive pricing, and on time shipments. Striving to be the reliable development partner with our customers.

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