One-stop OEM solution.
One-stop OEM solution
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Our Capabilities

With more than 10 years in the industry, We design, engineer, test, and manufacture heat transfer products for a wide range of applications and markets. All these let us enable to fulfill big orders from the industry’s top customers. We offer one of the widest ranges of tube patterns in the industry.

Tube Diameter (mm)Tube stagger (mm)Tube PatternFin CorrugationsFin Materials
721*12.7StaggeredSine Wave (corrugated)Aluminum
721*18.19StaggeredSine Wave (corrugated), LouveredAluminum
721*21.65StaggeredSine Wave (corrugated), LouveredAluminum
7.94(5/16″)22*19.05StaggeredSine Wave (corrugated)Aluminum
925*21.65StaggeredSine Wave (corrugated)Aluminum
9.52(3/8″)25*21.65StaggeredSine Wave (corrugated), LouveredAluminum
9.52(3/8″)25.4*22StaggeredSine Wave (corrugated)Aluminum
12.7(1/2″)31.75*27.5StaggeredSine Wave (corrugated)Aluminum
15.88(5/8″)38.1*33StaggeredSine Wave (corrugated)Aluminum

Production Capabilities

Factory Space(㎡)
Production Line
Skilled Workers

The Manufacturing Process

Casing / Mounting

Material: Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Copper or Aluminum

Fin Press

Material: Copper, Aluminum, Pre-Coated; Hydrophilic.
Fin Surface: Sine Wave,corrugated, Louvered or flat
Edges: Straight, Rippled
Collars: Full die formed collars for optimum heat transfer and accurate fin spacing


Tube Shape: Smooth, Rifled
Applicable Diameters: 7 mm, 7.94mm (5/16″), 9mm, 9.52 mm (3/8″), 12.70 mm (1/2″), 15.88 mm(5/8″)


We have 4 vertical expanding machines and 5 horizontal expanding machines. All coils are mechanically expanded to achieve a tight fin-to-tube bond for optimal heat transfer.
Fin spacing ranges from 5 fins per inch up to 16 fins per inch. (Note that thicker aluminum is required for larger FPI)


Our bending machine is able to bend “L”, “U”, and “G” shape.


We have 5 brazing production line, They are 7 mm, 7.94 mm(5/16″), 9mm, 9.52 mm (3/8″), 12.70 mm (1/2″), 15.88 (5/8″).

During the brazing process, we put the finishing touches on our coils to ensure the system is complete.

Raw material-Aluminum Foil

Aluminum, Pre-Coated; Hydrophilic, Copper.
Regular Aluminum of the alloy series is the most common and cost effective fin material. It exhibits good endurance under normal environmental conditions.
Copper has higher heat conductivity and mass, and is more costly than Aluminum.

Raw material -Cooper Tube

Tube Shape: Smooth, Rifled
Applicable Diameters: 7 mm, 7.94 mm(5/16″), 9mm, 9.52 mm (3/8″), 12.70 mm (1/2″), 15.88 (5/8″)

Packaging and Shipping

Depending on coil size and customer needs, coils are either boxed or crated.

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Our mission
Our mission is to succeed in the market place through exceptional customer service, commitment to quality, competitive pricing, and on time shipments. Striving to be the reliable development partner with our customers.

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